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Painting services



Painting of MDF

MDF board is a relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile material with a wide range of applications. Spray painting of MDF is an innovative painting solution that allows you to choose the colour of the board that best reflects your individual needs and to create an exceptionally smooth and seamless painted surface. Spray painting technology can be used not only to paint MDF boards, but also to precisely implement painting processes for solid wood, glass, metal or other materials.

Other services provided

Painting Professional and fast spray painting of MDF boards, solid wood, plywood, PVC, glass and metal.

Varnishing - Varnishing of materials using innovative techniques and varnishing products tailored to the specific material.

Patination - A special material processing technology is used to create a very natural, aged effect.

Staining - A method of tinting wooden surfaces that produces a unique wood colour and adds an extra layer of protection.

Paint selection - A wide and colourful selection of high-quality paints that guarantee a precise result and a very long-lasting original appearance.

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Painting of MDF experience

The specialists of our company can boast of many years of experience in painting MDF. We use only the highest quality paints and other products and the most advanced painting equipment in the painting process. For this reason, we are able to provide an exceptionally high-quality service for painting MDF and other materials and to offer optimum solutions that ensure a flawless and, of course, long-lasting result at a rational price.

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