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Cutting and milling of MDF



We use CNC milling machines and other equipment with extremely high efficiency rates to process MDF and other sheet materials with the highest precision. Thanks to our functional equipment, we can ensure maximum cutting and milling efficiency and guarantee precision results in cutting and milling MDF and other materials.


We do:

Cutting - High-quality and fast cutting of various thickness boards with an automated cutting centre.

Angle cutting - Optimised cutting of furniture and other boards at any angle.

Drilling holes - Precise, smooth and safe drilling of panel holes with special drilling equipment.

CNC milling - Milling of various materials with multifunctional, high-precision milling machines.

Engraving - Engraving of MDF, laminated chipboard, chipboard, plywood and other boards on machine tools.

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MDF frezavimas ir pjovimas
MDF frezavimas, pjovimas

Why us ?

Promtness is the most important thing

We can promptly carry out all cutting and milling operations for MDF, laminated chipboard, chipboard, wood fiber panel, OSB and other boards according to the dimensions provided by the customer. Our company employs professionals who know their job well and who, with the help of computerised digital control equipment, easily handle both standard and the most complex tasks of cutting and milling sheet materials.

MDF frezavimas - pjovimas

Entrust the cutting and milling of MDF panels to our specialists

We are one of the most flexible painting companies in Lithuania